17 November – How to do better email marketing: Ditch the complexity, add in simplicity


I’ve been a channel marketer for over 20 years, working with and for some of the biggest, most influential companies in the world. I started when channel marketing was pre-digital, and when I was one of the early proponents of social media in the channel. To say things have changed would be an understatement.


Channel marketing now is light-years from the offline world of the early 90s. Yet in spite of all of this change, I see time and again, marketing teams for some large corporations doing the same campaigns, the same way, year-in, year-out.


Worst of all, I see other marketing teams adding in complexity to their marketing in the hope it’s going to make it more effective. What ends up happening is that a simple email campaign to inform and encourage channel partners turns into an almost-unmanageable, expensive and exhausting process, creating 10, 20 or 50 different versions of the same newsletter. By the time it’s sent, the information is out of date, and has hardly any impact. For the majority of partners, it’s untargeted, late, and not relevant.


So what’s the solution?


This a subject I’ll be discussing in our forthcoming webinar on the topic of “Email is still the best way to communicate with your partners”. I’ll be demonstrating the tools and techniques which global companies like Adobe and SAP use for their channel marketing operations.


This is a webinar that you are going to hopefully learn a lot from, so register your place today, and join me on Thursday 26th November.