63% of channel marketers say communication is the biggest issue

Webinar Date 21/09/2017
Join Louise Hunter, Senior Partner Programs Manager in the EMEA marketing team at Juniper and Roger Horine, Working Partner Communications Programs Manager at Juniper to hear how they have revolutionised the way they do things.

How Avalara increased their web traffic by 115% and their partners digital footprint with socialondemand

Webinar Date 18/10/2017
Could you be utilising social media better for communicating to and through your channel partners and employee social networks, thus increasing your reach and awareness? Avalara is, and they’re receiving 115% increase in clicks and have strengthened partner and employee relationships in the process.

The revolutionary partner portal

Webinar Date 06/12/2017
Is your partner portal working as good as it could be? Is it receiving the level of engagement you would like? Join Clare Leetham, EMEA Partner Programme Manager at Zyxel to hear why and how their portal has been such a success in delivering resources their partners want when they want it.



Channel Marketing Challenges and Best Practices - Ask the experts

18/05/2017 : Looking for some resolutions to your top channel marketing challenges, but don’t know who to ask? Here’s your chance to ask the questions you really need answering…

How do we utilise social media to drive better sales results?

16/03/2017 : Could you be utilising social media to create meetings, accelerate your pipeline and generate more revenue? What would be the impact if you were able to create just one additional meeting per week?

General Data Protection Regulation - The Law is changing

08/03/2017 : On the 25th May 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes law and will affect every organisation within Europe. Fail to comply and this may cost you fines of €20m or 4% of your last year’s turnover, whichever is greater.

Is there an ideal partner portal?

19/01/2017 : Are you providing enough resources, news and updates to your channel partners? Cath Hackett a veteran of the channel and Gary Morris, CEO and Founder at Successful Channels Inc will discuss their portal best practices. From resources they share to results they have achieved, they will be discussing and answering those all-important questions.

How to expand your audience on social media

17/11/2016 : Social media is where we as brands all need to be. But what are the nuances around this to consider, which platforms and how can you drive increased attention to your brand whist reaching a far greater audience? Here we will be joined by Ian Moyse, Sales director at Axios systems, ISMM Sales Director of the Year 2015 and rated 2016 #1 social influencer on cloud and #18 on IOT by Onalytica. Ian has

Addressing the partner communication challenge

10/11/2016 : Communicating with your channel partners is critical but I’m sure you agree is a challenge at the best of times. Read rates are dropping, extensive time/costs are required to produce the communications and your readers want some personalisation and control. During this webinar we will discuss the successful communication methods clients like VMware, Nutanix and SAP have adopted, enabling you to st

Next generation of social advocacy

14/07/2016 : How is social advocacy going to change over the coming year? Here we will be joined with Sally-Anne Kaminski, Global social media manager at Zebra Technologies to discuss how the social landscape currently looks in the IT industry, and the action plan required to keep ahead of the game for the coming year. Tune in to hear the untold secrets we all want to know.

Transforming partner communications

22/06/2016 : Communicating with your partners is always a critical requirements for any vendor, but with the constant reduction in resources this becoming harder to do added to that your partners are becoming more selective on what they want, so what is the answer? In this demo we will describe how companies like VMware, Adobe, SAP, Nutanix and others are transforming their partner communications and simplify

Channel partners’ honest view of social media

08/06/2016 : Get an insight from channel partners around their social media challenges, what they need from their vendors and in reality what they are currently receiving. It’s time to make a change, and receive the exposure you and your channel partners deserve.

Fuelling social advocacy and engagement with mobile apps

19/05/2016 : Mobility is now the norm, everyone is using their phones on the move throughout the day. In this webinar we will provide an insight and results from our clients to discover how they have increased adoption and effectiveness of their social advocacy programs through a mobile app technology.

Social media advocacy: Discuss best practices with Microsoft, Xerox and Avalara

18/02/2016 : Join Microsoft, Xerox, Avalara, Zoe Sands, the social selling expert and Ian Moyse the number 1 cloud influencer on social media in a panel discussion on social media advocacy. They will be sharing their best practices and tips to help make your program a great success in 2016 and beyond.

The Real ROI of Social Selling

01/12/2015 : Do you want to hear how you can generate real revenue from social selling?

What partners want from their vendors with regards to social

28/10/2015 : Discover how Avnet Technology Solutions, one of the largest global distributors of electronic components, computer products and embedded technology support their partners, with social media.

SAP delivers 100% targeted partner news and significantly increases engagement

25/06/2015 : SAP AG needs no introduction. What you may not realise is that the company works with a significant network of partners around the globe, including distributors, alliance/ strategic partners, OEMs and value added resellers. By using newsondemand®, they have dramatically improved the way they communicate with these partners, delivering 100% targeted newsletters and showing open rates of up to 49%.

Making Your Employees Social Media Rockstars

28/05/2015 : Description: In the webinar Nick Bowman, EMEA Corporate Communications, will explain how F5 have developed their sales teams to become more effective at social selling by providing relevant and timely content and the tools to make them successful and track the results.

Incentives and gamification: What does it mean and how does it impact social media

23/04/2015 : In this entertaining webinar, Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps will be exploring how partner incentives and gamification is revolutionising how channel partners used channel partner portals, and how keeping things competitive keeps your partners sharing your content.

How purechannelapps helped Microsoft accelerate their partner social programme

26/02/2015 : Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction. A global leader in consumer and business technology, Microsoft work with thousands of partners globally. Helping their partners build a social media presence, and extend their brand on social is critical for the future of Microsoft's partner programme.

Making your Global Channel Social Marketing Programmes work

29/01/2015 : In this webinar, Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps will be joined by Heather Margolis, CEO of Channel Maven Consulting, for an in-depth look at how you can make your global channel social marketing programmes work.

Email is still the best way to communicate with your channel partners

26/11/2014 : In this webinar, Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps will discuss why email is still the best way to communicate with your channel partners, and share best practices in order to get your open rates up at 40-50% and click-thru rates consistently above 10% per campaign.

How Mountain Hardwear amplifies its brand messages to over 500,000 new consumers

06/11/2014 : Mountain Hardwear, a brand at the cutting edge of mountaineering technology is also at the cutting edge of marketing technology. Find out how they extended their social media reach with purechannelapps.

Savvy brands use social: How to socially influence your prospects before they've contacted you

23/10/2014 : "Social selling" is the current buzzword in sales circles. Whilst many do not believe the actual function of ‘selling’ has inherently changed, the advance of social media is definitely affecting the sales cycle, for the good

Omnichannel Retail: How brands can understand and address the pain points in retailer social media marketing

18/09/2014 : Join Andrew Roberts, Managing Partner of Gravity Thinking and Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps as they explain the emergence and current issues with Omnichannel Retail, and the technological solutions being used by FMCG brands today.

Xerox Transforms Channel Partners’ Social Presence with socialondemand® from purechannelapps™

17/09/2014 : This is the story of how Xerox transformed its channel partners' social presence using socialondemand, from purechannelapps.

B2B Campaign Automation. Simplified

15/05/2014 : Find out how marketing automation technology on social media platforms is shaping the future of social media marketing.

Peeking Into the Black Hole: Social Media ROI Roundtable

10/04/2014 : Find out how leading global brands accurately calculate Social Media ROI, and how to avoid a black hole of irrelevant metrics.

Do you know what content works best for your customer through your partners?

13/02/2014 : Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps shares his best practice for content amplification through a partner sales ecosystem.

Marketing Technologies in Financial Services

24/01/2014 : In this live video panel session, you'll find out how technology is transforming marketing within Financial Services.

Where does traditional 'Demand Generation' sit in the new Social Media World?

23/01/2014 : DemandGen is a relatively new concept in the B2B world, but where does it sit with lead generation, and within social media?

Panel Session - Optimizing Content for Social Media

23/01/2014 : How do you optimise content for generating demand and revenue? Does the same content work for all companies? Find out more here.

Adobe EMEA revolutionises its channel marketing, with purechannelapps

07/11/2013 : Angela Leech, Channel Marketing Program Manager (EMEA), for Adobe, explains how partner communications were revolutionised by purechannelapps

Playing games in the Channel: A look at how our HTML5 game achieved 46% partner engagement

15/08/2013 : Its not all work, work, work...You can still have great fun whilst launching partner marketing campaigns. This is how purechannels did it.

Social Media Customer Engagement Strategy and Results Through the Channel

15/08/2013 : Andrew Maloney and Olivier Choron explain how social media amplification through channel partners, employees and sales networks.

Palo Alto Networks: social channel strategy and results

11/07/2013 : Cristina Salmastlian, Palo Alto Networks, explains how they're leveraging social media amplification to fuel their company's growth.

A Case Study - How socialondemand® Doubled Avnet’s Connections

15/05/2013 : When global IT solutions distributor, Avnet, wanted to create unique channel value for its vendors and business partners, it turned to purechannelapps to leverage the power of socialondemand®. See how they doubled their connections in this webinar.

How to best e-communicate with your channel partners

02/05/2013 : Keeping your channel partners informed and up to date is important, but what's the best way of doing that whilst reducing costs and improving engagement?

Maximising your B2B Marketing through the Cloud

04/04/2013 : See how you can make your channel more effective by leveraging your intermediaries to maximise social media messaging.

Social Media and Channel Marketing - Strategy and Best Practices

22/02/2013 : Use of social media is maturing; once a playground on the peripherals of the internet, now they have become an important hub for channel partners. Find out why.

Building the Social B-to-B Organization

14/02/2013 : A permanent change in the way humans communicate, a huge waste of corporate time, or somewhere in-between? Laz Gonzales explores social media for B2B organisations.

Can we deliver your social media and ROI?

07/02/2013 : Andy Gilbert from Connection2 discusses the key challenges remaining for channel marketers in the social media space.

Managed Social Media Service Overview & Demo

01/12/2012 : Catch up on this webinar from Connection2, with a live demonstration of socialondemand from purechannelapps!

Social Media and Cloud for Channel Marketing - A How to Guide

25/10/2012 : John Sweeney, Olivier Choron and Celine Astre discuss DemandGen, and marketing automation.

Socially empower your sales channel

01/05/2012 : Live demo of social on demand software by purechannelapps.com in association with CCI Channel Management Solutuions
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